The Most Awesome CS Video!!!

21 04 2007

OMFG Now this is the BEST FUCKING CS video ive ever seen, I play CS:S but its basically the same thing, just better graphics on CS:S. Check out the video, bet your wont be dissapointed.


The Godfather Blackhand Edition For Wii

13 04 2007

OMFG ive just seen this on youtube, this game is AWESOME! I for one that have the trilogy on DVD and have watched it countless times, this has gotten me so pumped up. It looks awesome, Its like an Italian GTA. This game also is so into the story line of the movie, you actually see when they strangle the godfather’s lackey in the bar. The game is also all the way through, From the wedding to the time the last godfather dies.

And the way you play is also awesome, not because its a wii, but the freedom the game gives you.

Now, im going to go watch the Godfather…


9 04 2007

Kipkay is a guy that makes videos on Metacafe, well he just mostly makes tutorials, easy and cool tutorials. Here are some of my favorites

Now im not really into Metacafe, but this guy is awesome, although all his video are kindda short, at least he give the instructions on his site. And if I can make videos like this guy, I will have no problem moving into Metacafe and leaving YouTube in the dust, this guy has made $24,831 with all his 78 videos. This video alone has made $26,615

People Falling Down

8 04 2007

Yes… Yet another Video Compilation from yours truly… I think its pretty funny, I just chose my favorites .

Now, I have a couple of other ideas for videos, but hey, you can never have too many, so if you have a funny idea or something you just havent seen. Send me an e-mail at