Day of Blog Silence

29 04 2007


Atleast im Not Alone…

8 04 2007

So, I was looking through my videos, checking out the # of views and, I noticed the video reply had gotten alot of views since I uploaded it. It turns out, that im not alone… You might have heard of this new one man campaign to get on the front page, its CanYouTubeHearMe?. His name is Brandon, he got so fed up trying to contact the editors at YouTube to get featured that he decided to march down to the YouTube offices and have a talk with the Editorial Team. You can read more in his blog

All though there was an interesting comment…

Marx Weber

It’s a deliberate strategy from YouTube. If they only feature quality videos, they might scare ordinary people from putting up videos. And that’s what YouTube want. They want as many videos as possible. Also the crappy (thou cute) dog-video. They don’t really care about the quality, they care abut quantity. Thats how you make money, and that’s the goal here. Remember that. In the end, it’s all about the bottom line (when it come to business).

Now this makes sense. Ive never seen a video from DigitilSoul or Mr.Safety on the Homepage.  And if this where true, it would make some good video makers pretty mad, well I know I would…

6 04 2007

My good friend Haochi got me into uStream.TV which is a website that lets you broadcast live what you are doing, either its from a webcam or a laptop you carry around. So… as you all know I dont like to show myself, so I decided to broadcast my desktop (you know so you can see me edit videos, watch videos, play counter strike, and talk on MSN Messenger, basically stalk me). I dont know for sure how much I will actually use this but im just playing around with it.

For some reason I cant embed it, but ill just link to it, Check It Out!

Let me know what you think…


30 03 2007

This is my blog, im still working on the site so feel free to comment and let me know what you think.