Thunder Pussy

When I got the idea to start a cool video production “company” I was trying to look for a Production name that would make people think twice, laugh or get offended, if lightning has a pussy then im in deep trouble next time im in the pool. I had a couple of other names but Thunder Pussy Productions predominated when I said it out loud in front of people.

Most people ask me how many people are involved in this, and I tell them that I am the only one, I make the videos, edit them, and I run the blog. I wouldn’t mind a helper so if you interested check out the contact page.

Also something people ask alot, the intro music, well, I decided to upload the beginning of song, its a song in Spanish since im from Puerto Rico I liked the beat and decided that was going to be the beat for the intro.

Another thing alot of people ask for is the Intro Image, both of them, I use the white one for more serious videos and the black one for more funny/viral videos. All my videos are edited with Windows Movie Maker, for now until I learn how to do animation.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

If you have any questions or comments, or would like me to edit videos for you, go to the contact page and e-mail me.


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