My thoughts on YouTube’s Featured Videos

4 04 2007

So… Estrich from the YouTubeNEWS channel made a video asking people about what they thought on videos that get featured on YouTube.

So I made a short video reply…

Now, I don’t know why videos like “excellent beatbox“, “Charles Has A Licking Problem” and the most idiotic stupid video EVER  “Puppy or chicken? You decide.” make it to the front page, I mean some videos that get featured are well deserved of their spotlight, like “Farting in Public” that took some editing skills and some mad cojones for the kid who went around with the fart machine all day. Now this video “Instant Beer Freeze” wasn’t edited, didn’t even requirer skill, but its cool and leaves you saying “How the hell!!!”

All I would really like is for youtube to be more picky about what they let on the frontpage. Not that they aren’t picky enough already,  because all the people asking for their videos to get featured are obviously turned down.

I mean, the editors work for YouTube, so they must know a thing or two about making videos, they must be able to differ a video that was made with a camera phone and one that was made with a camcorder, a video thats fake and real, a video that took hours to edit and one that was uploaded as is.

And before you comment on my blog post or on my video, take a look at the Recently Featured page and tell me if all those videos deserve to be there.




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